Night Two

Second night of Hello Fresh meals is in the books. And it was… different than the first. It was the recipe created by chef Jamie Oliver for Hello Fresh, and while it was much faster to make than the first night, I was a little perturbed by a few things. First, this recipe called for half of almost every ingredient included in its little box, except in the case of the tomato paste. That came in a giant tube, and the recipe called for a half teaspoon. Now, I’m not complaining that I now have a giant tube of tomato paste that I feel like I didn’t pay for, it just seems odd. Also, half an onion, half of the can of tomatoes, half of the black beans… It was a little weird storing those things when I was done cooking. It also called for only half of the red bell pepper, but the one they sent us was TINY, so I used the whole thing – and I was glad I did. The burritos would have felt empty without them.


It all went together very easily. The times seemed stretched – my filling came together and reduced MUCH quicker than the recommended time, but it worked out well and was tasty. Nothing wrong with caramelized onions, ever.


The thing that bothered me most about this recipe, though, is that it called for a stick blender. I don’t feel like that’s an appliance that a lot of people who are using a service like Hello Fresh have. I don’t have one, and I’m not unfamiliar with cooking. And the substitute for a stick blender? “Just mash it with a fork.” I’m sorry, onions, no matter how beautifully caramelized, don’t mash with a fork. Nor with a masher, as it turns out. So, while the photos on the recipe card show this beautiful bean paste that you spread on the tortillas, what I had was this:



All of that being said, the burritos were quite tasty. I have a tendency to forget salt at various steps, so they were bland, but that was 100% my fault. It was well seasoned otherwise, and the slightly-crunchy peppers and burritos after baking a few minutes were an awesome compliment to to the mushy beans. Also, there was cheese, which I always like.

WP_20160125_009 - Copy

My official burrito roller. Because I. just. can’t. I’ve tried, I can’t.

The salad was simple, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and delicious. And this one was done closer to the suggested 30 minute prep time – about 45 minutes for me. With the leftover ingredients, I will be making this recipe again!


Husband is making tonight’s installation. I have to say, I’m pretty excited. Report to follow!


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