Hello, Fresh!

So, my lovely sister sent me a $40 promo code for Hello Fresh, which is one of those recipe box delivery services. With the discount, it’s a killer deal, so I decided to try it out. (Side note: want a promo code? Tell me! I can send you one!) It worked out really well, being the end of the month, this forced us to NOT go out to eat this week, thus, ending the month with more money in our bank account and fewer calories consumed.

I made our first meal last night. It was Pescado Veracruz with Olive Ragout, Burst Tomatoes, and Basmati Rice. Big fancy name, but not too bad to prepare. Everything comes in a cute little box (except the fish itself, it was separate), ready to use.


I loved the cute little olive packets. In fact, the olives were my second favorite part of this dish. The recipe was supposed to take about 30 minutes to prepare – it ended up taking me close to an hour. It didn’t feel like I could really do more than one thing at once for most of it, which slowed me down. But, part of that could also have been that I was unfamiliar with the recipe. Also, slicing olives takes a while.


Cute little sliced olives in the ragout.

We also agreed (we being husband and me) that it was a little rice-heavy, but that could have been for a number of reasons: presentation, fullness factor, to soak up the sauce. It was portioned well, though, and we were both satisfied (not stuffed) at the end of dinner. Also, the house smelled fantastic.



Can we talk about burst tomatoes for a second? I didn’t even know these were a thing, but holy shit, they are so good. It was just grape tomatoes tossed in a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and pepper and roasted at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes. I’m going to find other ways to use them. I must.



While the oven was preheating, the kitchen started to smell funny. Then I couldn’t find one of my baking sheets, and asked the husband if he’d seen it. He turned on the oven light and said, “Well, there’s one in the oven.” Ooops. That’s the pan I put under the Pecan Pie Bread Pudding the other day. And that’s burnt, stinky sugar. Thankfully, the oven fan and the delicious smell of the ragout were able to combat the smell and it didn’t last long. Still, go me.


Hooray for Instagram making my photos prettier!

The finished product was quite tasty. I’d definitely make it again, especially now that I’ve made it once and I feel like it would go faster. Or maybe it wouldn’t, because I’d have to spend the extra time portioning things out that was done for me this time? Hard to say. Either way, it was a good dinner.

Oh, and do you see any parsley sprinkled on that lovely dish? No? Me either. Because when I walked back into the kitchen after we ate to put my dish in the sink, it was still there, on the cutting board. I’d forgotten to sprinkle it. Oh well. Sorry parsley.


Someone please donate to the “Re-do Courtney’s Kitchen” fund so my kitchen doesn’t look so bland.

Tonight we’re having the recipe Jamie Oliver put together for Hello Fresh this week, Cool Mexican Bean Wraps. More on those tomorrow!


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  1. Kelsey · January 26, 2016

    Looks delicious! Poor parsley.

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